The Navy’s aircraft and flight systems have been tested and evaluated at the Patuxent River Naval Air Station since WWII. The Museum is the only naval museum dedicated to aviation research, development, testing, and evaluation. Interior exhibits include a propulsion display, unmanned aerial vehicles (including a fullscale mock-up of the X-47A Pegasus unmanned combat air vehicle), crew system artifacts, ejection seats, radars, and test instrumentation. An outdoor aircraft park displays 21 naval aircraft, and features both the X-32B and X-35C Joint Strike Fighter concept demonstrators tested at Pax River. Fly Mach Combat™ flight simulators, and stop in the Museum’s Flightline Gift Shop, which has the largest collection of aviation themed merchandise in the area. Guided tours and children’s educational activities available by advance arrangement.



22156 Three Notch Road, Lexington Park, MD 20653


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